Monday, July 15, 2013

Voyage Visit: The To Be Read Jar

So yesterday, I was sitting around my room at home thinking, "Wow I have a lot of books out from the library.; Not to mention the ones I own and the ones for my Nook..." And then I realized I had no idea what I wanted to read next after my current reads are finished. So I decided to create a TBR jar. Or mug, in my case. 

For this, I decided to do all the books I owned but hadn't read, books I had out from the library, and books on my Nook. To give you an idea on the number of books, I thought I would show a few pictures.
By my nightstand
My actual bookshelf
My other bookshelf
For my "jar", I used the Mug my initiates in Phi Sigma Pi made me last semester. It is almost full, which means I will hopefully never run out of things to read!

The rules are not that I have to finish the book that I draw, but that I have to give it a fair shot. This means 50-100 pages. If I'm not feeling it, but still think I might like it, it will go back in the jar. If it's really not my thing, it gets taken off the list. 

I will hopefully be choosing my first book from this jar sometime within the next week! Stay tuned to see what I get!

Happy travels! 

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