Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Goals

Hey. everyone! Last month, I did a post on my June goals, so I figured I could do the same for July. Fun Fact: July is one of my least favorite months. I feel like everything I plan during the summer happens in June, and then July sucks by comparison. But this month, I am determined to not let it get me down! So here are my goals for the month of July.

1. Read at least 4 books this month/ one book a week.
That's one book a week for the month. I feel like this is enough to help me get through my Summer Reading Challenge, but not overwhelming. Plus, I can give myself adequate breaks between books, which is nice.

2. Prepare for National Convention
I am going to Phi Sigma Pi's National Convention at the very end of this month (I leave the 31st!) And there's things I need to do in order to get ready, including printing flyers for my chapter's ICR event and proposed amendments. I super excited to go to Philadelphia though!

3. Save money! 
I want to start saving money for several reasons. One is that I want to improve on my spending habits and not do so much wasteful spending.

What are your goals for the month of July?  

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