Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past Perfect Review

All Chelsea wants to do the summer before her senior year is hang out with her best friend, eats lots of ice cream, and hopefully finally get over her ex, Ezra. But when she shows up for work at Essex Historical Colonial Village, it turns out he's working there as well. This makes getting over him all the more difficult, even when she thinks she might be falling for someone new. In Past Perfect by Leila Sales, we experience all the highs and lows of Chelsea's summer as a colonial reenactor. 
Past PerfectI read this book in practically one sitting- a rare feat for me. I don't know whether it was because I couldn't sleep or if it was because that this book was so adorable that I couldn't put it down. Although the plot line was a little predictable and the characters were a little bland at times, Sales made up for it with the book being downright hilarious. I cannot remember when I last literally laughed out loud at a book. I also really enjoyed the aspect of the historical village and the rivalry between the colonials and the Civil Warriors, though I feel that it could have been played out more. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Chelsea and Fiona, her best friend and their whole "ice cream connoisseurs" thing. It was a nice touch on a hilarious novel. I also appreciated the growth they both experienced. I found a little bit of the ending unbelievable, but it did end nicely.  Overall, if you like history and contemporary young adult literature, I would definitely recommend it. 

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