Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday: Reading Slump

Hey, everyone! I mentioned in my last post I was in the middle of a sort of reading slump where I didn't really feel like reading for fun. I periodically go through phases where I am burned out on reading and just don't know what I'm in the mood for or I want to change it up from what I usually read and don't know where to start.
I think this one started just from being tired. I was tired of YA in March and by the end of the semester I was just tired of reading in general. So when I was done for the semester, the last thing I felt like doing was picking up a book, which is sad because I love to read.
But then today I went to the library.
I hadn't been to our local library in awhile and it was so exciting. I got a bunch of books I'm reallu excited to read and I'm hoping this will pull me out of my reading slump. I'm also going to try to find a reading spot so I can have a routine. I'm hoping to get pulled out of the slump soon!

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