Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog everyday this summer?

So despite saying on Twitter numerous times that I would be reading and blogging more this summer I unsurprisingly feel through. Between work, summer class, Phi Sigma Pi, and trying to see friends, I barely have time to sleep much less read and review all the books I want. However, I was recently inspired by my lovely friend Kayla who has started a blog about her internship in St. Louis. Every day she writes a little bit about her day and how her internship it's going and what she did that day. And since I don't think I am going to try something similar. It won't be all books all the time anymore, but as I'm an English major and I still love reading I am sure books will make a frequent appearance.

The thing is, I'm a little burned out from reading. This past semester was a step up in course difficulty, and even though I'm currently taking a summer class, the break has been nice. I started Eleanor & Park and while it is undoubtedly really good, I feel like I needed to take a bit of a reading break. I do plan to start reading more summery reads soon though. Plus so many new books by some of my favorite authors have come out over the course of spring semester.

See you all tomorrow, hopefully!

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