Monday, June 23, 2014

Why It's Okay to Quit

My last post, which was over two weeks ago, dealt with the exhaustion I had been feeling in regards to working two jobs. That exhaustion, combined with other factors such as company disorganization and scheduling issues, allowed me to realize something very important: If something makes you unhappy, it's okay to quit.

I try to not be a "quitter". Though I did several different activities throughout elementary school, I always did them for several years before moving on to something else. I tried to stick with things I liked for as long as I possibly could.

However, I realized over these past two weeks that this job was draining me. Between the early morning, the long shifts and coordinating with my other job, it left me with very little time to do the things I wanted to do, such as blog, write, plan my wedding, or even spend time with my family or friends. I felt unbalanced; I was constantly working and never getting anything done.

So I decided to quit to pursue what I love to do and what I needed to do. And though this was a difficult decision, I think it will be worth it. Though I may miss the money I would have gotten from continuing with this job, I will keep my health and piece of mind. And I couldn't feel more relieved.

Have you ever been incredibly relieved to quit something, whether it be a job or an activity? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Congrats on starting a (hopefully) funner section of your life! I think there's always a bit of stress when there's a lot of big changes going on, but it sounds like this one is going to give you a lot of relief. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of you on the blogosphere!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping I'll have more time to relax with only working one job. I want to blog a lot more for sure. =]