Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Goals

My planner for the month of June
I'm a pretty goal oriented person. I like to make goals and I like to achieve them. One issue I've always had with summertime is that I find it difficult to make more concrete goals. Hence, why today I am blogging about my goals for the month of June. I only have four this month, but two of them are more difficult ones. Here we go:

1. Read more books
Last summer, I feel like I did nothing but read and work. This summer has been a different story so far. I've been in a bit of a book funk for awhile, but I think I'm slowly snapping out of it. However, I'm having trouble deciding WHAT exactly to read next so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments.

2.Eat out less
I've been trying to keep better track of when I spend my money and how I spend my money and I've noticed I spend a lot of money eating out simply because I'm too lazy to pack a lunch or cook. I'm hoping to cut back on this to only eating out for special occasions or with friends.

3. Create a resume
I would like to create a resume so I can have one on file, that way when I start applying for jobs and internships, I'll only need to update it.

What are you June Goals?

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