Monday, December 12, 2011

The Name of the Star Review

Even though this isn't technically strictly a book blog anymore, I thought I'd review a book I read that was simply fantastic.

This book was so good! I simply adored it. Having read Maureen Johnson before, I knew that this book would be well-written, but I was still a bit wary because it was a 'paranormal book' and I am usually not a fan of paranormal books. However, this one was simply fantastic! Rory is a Southern girl who has the opportunity to go to boarding school in East End. As she arrives, a copycat Jack the Ripper murder occurs with all of London catching Rippermania. Just like with the original murders in 1888, there is little evidence and few suspects After a near death experience, Rory can see ghosts, including the murderer.

Okay, so it may sound like your typical hookey paranormal book, but I promise you it is not. It has Maureen Johnson's humor, and is packed with fascinating plot. One of the traits of a great author is the ability to write in multiple genres and write them well and Maureen Johnson does that. Definitely an auto-recommend.

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