Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music Recommendation: The Mowglis

I'm not a giant music snob; I would call myself a casual music fan who doesn't limit themselves to one genre.
So today, I thought I would bring you a music recommendation for a change of pace. This recommendation is the album Waiting for the Dawn by The Mowgli's, released this past year.

One of my favorite bands over the past few months of this year is The Mowgli's. Their music is really upbeat and it makes me happy to listen to them. And yet while their songs are simply happy, they are also full of meaning. The album Waiting for the Dawn is full of this happy music. Some of my favorite tracks include "The Great Divide" and "Time".

Overall. if you are a fan of more pop-like music and want to listen to something upbeat, I would recommend the Mowgli's.

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