Monday, May 19, 2014

Bout of Books Wrap-Up

Hey, everyone!

The Bout of Books readathon was this past week.If you want to know more about the readathon, check out their blog .

This Bout of Books was definitely more successful than my first. Last year, I didn't even finish a book! This year, I read three books, started three books, and read a total of 1,194 pages, almost double over what I typically read a week. 

As far as following my TBR, I started Allegiant right away on Monday and finished it on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I went to the library and got a lot of books, rediscovering graphic novels/manga along the way. That night, I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Short Stories 1, which I had picked up from the library. I also started The Bell Jar and read a short story from Too Much Happiness. I then proceeded to not read a lot on Thursday or Friday, making some progress. Then I started The Distance Between Us last night. 

While I am pleased with my progress and enjoyed participating in the readathon, I don't think I'm going to be doing a lot of them in the future. I've discovered that while Allegiant was a good choice and The Distance Between Us was probably a good choice, The Bell Jar and Too Much Happiness were not the best choices. It's not that they were bad choices; they were just heavy reading material. I'm about halfway through The Bell Jar and do intend to finish it, but it's just not the best book for a readathon. Short stories also are difficult because I often like to sit and read the same book for an extended period of time, and I struggle to go that with short stories. However, I plan to make my way through both of these books. 

Overall, I do think Bout of Books was very successful. I met my goal by reading more than I usually do in a week. I got through one of the books on my TBR and started the other three. 

Did you participate on Bout of Books? Did you meet your goals?

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