Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Be Happy, Be Healthy

I have never considered myself to be really healthy. While I do not have any diseases, I don't eat well nor do I work out ever. These were always things I thought I would worry about when I was older. 

Well, I'm older now. 

My mother has been diabetic for most of my life, and I knew there was a high probability that I would eventually be diagnosed as well. Recently, another family member of mine has been diagnosed.  This member is on my father's side of the family, so in my mind the probability has only been increased. While I know that I cannot beat genetics, I would like to delay the inevitable as long as possible. 

I've set out many times to become healthier, lose weight, etc. but nothinghas ever come of it. I think I am more determined than my previous attempts though. Because I don't see this as a temporary stage of life. I think, if I work hard and commit myself to this, it could be a lifelong thing. Ignoring disease, there are many other benefits to being healthy. Clearer skin, overall happiness, all things I could really use. 

So that is where I'm at right now. I'm going to do some research on eating healthy on a budget, exercises, etc. and will hopefully have a post sometime soon on How I'm doing. 

Hope you are all doing well! And happy reading! 

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  1. I'm also at high risk for diabetes because of genetics...and I don't exercise. I mean I'm healthy in the sense that I'm not sick...but as you've put it, it's not really quite the same as being healthy haha. So I've started exercising. And I'm TRYING to control my sugar intake...less successfully than the exercise, sadly haha