Friday, January 3, 2014

January Goals

Hey, everyone! I decided January would ultimately be the month to focus on perhaps the most popular New Years Resolution of all time- Exercise and General Health (not related to food). I started exercising at the very end of last month and was really starting to enjoy it. I found if I exercised early in the day, I would feel better for the rest of the day and sleep better at night.

1. Exercise at least three times a week
I find it silly to commit to exercising every day; some days are busy and some days just aren't made for exercising. However, I think three times a week is a reasonable commitment to make with my schedule. I plan to be doing workouts from this calendar (this tumblr is probably the only fitness tumblr I follow because it's the best). I'm not sure which calendar I will be following yet/probably either the student one or the beginner one. Either way, I'm sure it will be fun.

2. Attend one of my university's rec center's classes
My university has a relatively nice rec center that offers all kinds of fitness classes. Every semester, I say I'm going to go to one of these fitness classes and look at the schedule to try to figure out which one works best for me. Then I never go because I have this irrational thing about going out in workout clothes/exercising in front of people. I'm not sure what this stems from, but I want to definitely beat this fear (?) and go to a class!

3. Go to sleep earlier/sleep better
This is the goal that makes this general health. I want to start getting up earlier; therefore I need to go to bed earlier. I want to be fully rested and refreshed for my early mornings. This goal is probably the simplest to understand, but it is also probably going to be the one that is most difficult to achieve.

In addition to these goals, I am hoping to read 50 books in 2014! You can follow my progress either here or on my Goodreads.

What are your goals for January?

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